16 Extremely Specific Things To Do This Summer In Ludington

People like making list of things to do but these recommendations are personal and specific from us. Here are 16 extremely specific things to do in Ludington this summer.

1. Shoreline Cruise on the SS Badger

The SS Badger has plans for three Ludington shoreline cruises this summer. Take the cruise, grab a boat drink and Snack, head up to the bow of the boat and watch the sunset on Lake Michigan while causing on a National Historic Landmark. Bring one more layer of clothing that feels necessary no matter what time of year.  It make staying on the deck longer more enjoyable.

Badger sunset cruise


2. Paddle the Pere Marquette River

There is a small launch point across the street from Pere Marquette expeditions called Pere Marquette river access.  Put in there and meander up the river.  If anyone is keen on fishing I know that can be a lot of fun. The paddle is peaceful and unique.

Pere Marquette River

3. 15 minute photo contest at Waterfront Park

The statues, lake, marina and Badger view offer plenty of subject matter.  Let us explain the contest.  Everyone in the group get their phones or camera out. Set a timer for 15 minutes. Start the timer and spread out. Everyone attempts to capture the most interesting photo in 15 minutes and has to be back to the starting spot before time runs out. Send the photos into a group chat and have everyone vote on their favorite. The one rule being no one can vote for their own. The winner get ice cream at House of Flavors.  Preferably cookie dough in a waffle cone, but we will let the winner decide.

spirit of ludington

4-7. Pick a Patio

We said we were going to be extremely specific in this so here we go.
Ludington bay brewing get a tangelo dream and a pizza to share. A margherita pizza to be exact.

Jamesport Brewing. Appetizers, a beverage and play a few yard games in the beer garden area.

Timbers back patio is lovely, especially if it can be timed to watch the Badger return to port.

Order takeout at your restaurant or food truck and make Sterns Park your own giant patio complete with the waves, beach, skatepark, views of the lighthouse and sunset.

So you just got to Ludington and you want to dive into two things that make it great.  Food and relaxation.

8. Coffee and a Walk

This might sound simple, and it is. Seriously, that’s the point. Grab a cup of coffee from a place like Red Rooster. A pour over if you have the time. Walk along the water and through downtown. There is just enough action that there is always something to see with easy going vibes and public spaces that make it easy to meander until lunch.

downtown ludington

9. Biking Downtown

Much of what we mentioned before this takes place from Sterns Park to the SS Badger dock and most of this area is flat enough to easily explore on a bike. Beach, shops, snacks, shuffleboard, museums. It’s all available in just a couple mile radius. Even with that photo content winning ice cream we mentioned


10. Buttersville Beach

As a paddleboarder, Buttersville Beach offers something really special. On one side is Lake Michigan, and on the other is a small path to Pere Marquette Lake. This is perfect for anyone looking for a spot to paddle. With two options and a bit of tree cover, it is easy to find a spot that is nice and calm even on a a day with some wind. On a calm day it is even an option to paddle over and say hello to the Badger.

SS Badger Pere Marquette Lake

11. Surf in Ludington

Paddle surfing, body surfing, Kite boarding or straight up surfing. It can be done on Lake Michigan and Ludington has enough varied coastline that it’s possible to find a spot to surf even with ever changing conditions. We use wind finder to predict where the best surf of the day will be. Make sure to stay within your own limits and pay attention to the conditions and rules. To stay safe and still have a good time.

surfing in ludington

12. Ludington Urban Singletrack Trail System

The name can feel like a tongue twister.  Ludington Urban Singletrack Trail System is a bit of a tongue twister, but is the perfect description. Add up all the single track trails that meander through Ludington and follow the maps from one park to another and it’s easy to spend the majority of the day on the trails. Overall there are three sections that make up the trail system.

Ludington Urban Singletrack Trail System

13. Hire a Charter then Catch & Cook

Catching fish is great. Finding fish is hard. Getting them to bite is harder. Take away some of that stress and hire a charter. Now the fun part. Ask your charter if they can set up a catch and cook. It’s a program in Michigan that  allows charter fishing clients who catch fish to take their fresh catch to a participating Ludington restaurant to cook and serve those fish to those clients. We have fished plenty of times in our lives but this is an all time favorite experience

Ludington salmon fishing


14. Disc Golf

Ludington is for sure a disc golf destination and we haven't had a chance to play every course but we do have two recommendations. Ludington School Forest for a casual challenge Leviathan for serious disc golfers. No matter anyones play style, there is a course to match in Ludington.

15. Hamlin Lake Dunes

Of course Hamlin Lake is amazing but there is something that makes it extra special for us and that is the dunes on the west side that run down into the water. Hike, paddle or boat over to one of these amazing dunes and plan on being there all day. Well, at least that is what we enjoy doing. The sandy lake bottom is perfect for posting up and watching the waves roll by or in our case, watching this bald eagle. 

Ludington Bald Eagle


16. Let Us Know!

We can't really list everything that there is to do in Ludington this summer and want this list to continue to grow. Go have an adventure and let us know what we are missing out on!

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