Drummond Island Summer Bucket List

Are you ready for a summer adventure on Drummond Island? We have put together our summer Kickin' MI Bucket List from Drummond Island. Let's Go!

Drummond Island Bucket List

  • Ride the Ferry

For most people, a visit to Drummond Island starts with a ride on the Drummond Island Ferry. The ferry leaves from De Tour Village and takes riders across the St. Mary's River. If you are lucky you may come across a freighter passing by at the same time! Besides the ferry, some people arrive on Drummond Island with their own boat at one of the marinas or by utilizing the islands airport. For us, we enjoy the experience of the ferry. 

Drummond Island Ferry

  • Photograph a Freighter

All of the freighters that make their way into Lake Superior come into the St. Mary's River right here at Drummond Island. One of the best spots to see the freighters are either on the ferry or right at where you get on or off the ferry. 

Drummond Island Freighter Watching

  • Go Boating

With being on an island, we knew we wanted to spend time out on the water in a variety of ways so we started with a pontoon boat for the day. We made our way to Drummond Island Yacht Haven. They showed us where we should go and what to watch out for and we made our way out of the marina to explore the area and also relax on the pontoon.

Drummond Island Yacht Haven

Boating Drummond Island

  • Jump In

Whether we are spending a day on a boat, paddleboarding or going to the beach, we are most likely going for a swim and we knew we had to make that part of a bucket list for an island!

  • Hit the Trails

This is the one that has a lot of flexibility on Drummond Island. The island may be best known for its off-roading trails. People bring their off-road vehicles to explore the trails that offer different levels of trails for difficulty and experience. During this visit, we hit a different type of trail, the hiking trails. We did have a fun time explaining the ORV trails though and you can see more about that in the video!

Drummond Island Off Roading

Drummond Island hiking

  • Find a Puddingstone

This stone is unique to the area and can be found throughout the island. We found one about the size of a softball on the shoreline but also a massive one can be seen at The Tee Pee Ice Cream Shop.


  • Eat a Hearty Breakfast

Eggs, toast, biscuits and gravy. We started the morning with a breakfast at The Bear Track and it was delicious! 

Drummond Island Breakfast

  • Grab a Snack

There are options for this all over the island. We stopped at The TeePee, Pins and Esther's throughout our visit!

Drummond Island TeePee

Pins Drummond Island

 Esther's Drummond Island

  • Paddle Lake Huron

A Kickin' MI Bucket list isn't complete without a good paddle and the fact that Drummond Island is in fact an island, there are a lot of opportunities for this one. Whether you bring your own kayak or paddlenboard or rent one from a local business, it is an amazing spot to get out on the water and enjoy the amazing scenery and clear water. 

Paddle North Portager

Things to do on Drummond Island

  • Spot a Loon

We love seeing wildlife while we are out on our adventures and one that we see often and feel like it is good luck is when we are paddling and see a loon. We will say, you can switch this one our for one of your favorite animals. How about a bald eagle or a bear?


Check out our summer bucket list video from Drummond Island!