Marquette Summer Bucket List

Are you ready for a summer adventure in Marquette? Jump off Black Rocks? Climb to the top of Hogback? Visit waterfalls? If this sounds like something you would like to do, let's go! 

  • Jump off Black Rocks

We always like to have a destination when we are paddleboarding so to get to Black Rocks, we inflated our boards and paddled around Presque Isle to get there. This feels like an annual summer tradition. It is such a cool setting! A pro tip: Explore the area a little more once you are there!

jumping off black rocks

  • Hike Sugarloaf and take a panoramic photo

The views from the top of Sugarloaf of Marquette and Lake Superior are great, so great that you should take a panoramic photo from the top after enjoying the hike and relaxing at the top!

Sugarloaf Marquette

  • Climb to the top of Hogback

There is a reason we say "climb." This hike is a bit of a challenge but the views are absolutely worth it! This item on the list will take a little bit more time, so plan accordingly. 

The views from Hogback

  • Sunset at Sunset Point

While in Marquette, you have to catch a sunset, and we believe that should happen at Sunset Point! This is located on Presque Isle so if you plan accordingly you can spend a good portion of a day in this area accomplishing items on the list.

sunset point presque isle

  • Check out the Superior Dome

This is a really cool building that is the home to the NMU football team, where Nick played football while attending Northern Michigan University. He would always get a pasty when leaving the dome, so that is a good transition into the next item!

  • Eat a pasty

A U.P. staple food item. We enjoy getting a pasty to go and enjoying it at one of the stops on this list!

  • Get to the top of Mt. Marquette

Mt. Marquette

  • Watch a freighter at Upper Harbor Ore Dock

Lower Harbor is often the more "featured" ore dock in the area, but the Upper Harbor Ore Dock is a functioning dock. If your timing is right you can watch a Great Lakes freighter at the dock with many great spots to take in the views. 

  • Take a brisk swim in Lake Superior

We enjoy a swim in Lake Superior and there are a bunch of good places to make this happen! Yes, it is brisk and some even may describe it as cold. Either way, it is awesome!

  • Lower Harbor Ore Dock pic

Marquette Ore Dock

  • Visit waterfalls

There are so many options with this one! Dead River Falls, Wright Street Falls, Morgan Falls. We suggest looking at the Marquette County waterfall map and finding which one fits best. You can see them all here! 

  • Check out Marquette Harbor Lighthouse

You can head right to the lighthouse, see it from the beach or take in the views from the water. We have done this one in a variety of ways. There is also a maritime museum right here as well.

Marquette Harbor Lighthouse

This list can be added to with so much to do in the summer in Marquette! Check out our video featuring the Marquette Bucker List!