Sault Ste. Marie Summer Bucket List

Are you ready for a summer adventure in a 3.5 miles stretch of historic Sault Ste. Marie waterfront? Here is the Sault Ste Marie Summer edition of "Kickin' MI Bucket," our summer bucket list from the Soo! Let's go!

Sault Ste. Marie Summer Bucket List

  • Paddle with the freighters

Head to Rotary Park with your paddle vessel of choice. There are islands in this area that are amazing to paddle around, including Voyager Island, which is only accessible by paddling to. In this area, the freighters pass by and there are some great areas to be able to watch them go by from your paddleboard or kayak. If you are visiting the area and don't have your own equipment, Birdseye Outfitters offers rentals and tours of the area. 

Paddling with freighters

  • Go through The Soo Locks

Visiting the Soo Locks is a great experience but did you know that you can actually go through the Locks on a boat? Not only do you get to go through the Locks, you also get to learn history of the area and the opportunity to get up close to freighters. We went out with the Famous Soo Locks Boat Tours and passed by the thousand footer, the Mesabi Miner, during our voyage. 

Soo Locks Boat Tour

  • See the Edmund Fitzgerald lifeboat

To cross this item off the bucket list, you need to visit the Museum Ship Valley Camp. This retired freighter has been transformed into a maritime museum and houses the lifeboat from the Edmund Fitzgerald along with many more Great Lakes artifacts, aquariums and freighter information. 

Valley Camp

  • Stand on the tallest building

Standing high above any other building in Sault Ste. Marie at 210 feet is the Tower of History, head to the top to see views of all of the city, the river and the Soo Locks. 

Tower of History

  • Visit The Soo Locks

We already said to go through the Soo Locks, and now it is time to visit the Locks by foot. Our recommendation includes grabbing some fudge, ice cream or a coffee and enjoying the park. When the time is right, head to observation deck to watch a freighter pass through the Locks.

  • Get a Coffee

One of the best ways to experience downtown Sault Ste. Marie is by grabbing a coffee and walking around the streets and in the Soo Locks. We often stop by Birdseye Outfitters or Superior Cafe for a great coffee. 

  • Eat Fudge

Getting fudge is a must when visiting The Soo! We decided to get three different flavors and head across the street to the Soo Locks Park to try them all for a test flight of fudge. 

Zak & Mak's Fudge

  • Have a patio beverage

There are a variety of places to make this happen in downtown Sault Ste. Marie including Soo Brewing Company and their new rooftop patio. For this visit we decided to go there for a Rooftop IPA. Fitting, right? There are also patio options at Karl's Cuisine, The Palace, Birdseye and more. 

  • Eat West Pier or Clyde's

This is a must-do while visiting Sault Ste. Marie. We say it should be eat at West Pier AND Clydes. Both of these drive-in restaurants offer amazing burgers and a great setting along the water. Most people have an opinion on which one is their favorite. This sounds like the easy way out but they are both great and we want you to make that choice for yourself!

  • 1,000' selfie

With all of the opportunities to watch a freighter pass by, there is something extra special about one of the Great Lakes 13 thousand footers passing by. Find the right spot to get a selfie with one of these famous boats!

Burns Harbor Freighter

  • Get a hole in one

We challenged each other to a round of mini golf while watching the freighters pass through the Locks across the street. Andy was able to get a hole in one on the 18th hole to win the match. A cool bonus is that the putt putt course is connected to Karl's Cuisine so you can play your round with a drink from the restaurant! If you are looking to get a real hole in one, you can head to the Sault Country Club (open to the public) to take your chances there!

Overall, this bucket list in Sault Ste. Marie leads to a lot of fun in a short stretch of Sault Ste. Marie! Take this bucket list challenge on yourself or do the parts that you would enjoy the most! Check out our full video from Sault Ste. Marie here! Also, check out our Sault Ste. Marie shirt here!