Adventure Dining in Bay City and Midland

Let's go Adventure Dining! You may be asking "what is Adventure Dining?" Well, we are here to explain it. Adventure Dining is where we pair an outdoor adventure with food and beverage. We are starting in Bay City at Bay City State Park with a paddle on Saginaw Bay and some nature photography around the marsh. We were able to photograph birds, turtles, deer and more. So after the adventure is the dining. What pairs well with a state park on a hot day? Ice Cream!  Right outside the entrance to Bay City State Park is Mussel Beach Drive In. It was there that we had something new, and that was ice cream nachos. Broken waffle cones are the chips, hot fudge is the cheese and then pick your toppings. It was awesome! 


@mi_playground Waffle cone nachos! #miplayground #baycitystatepark #baycity #michiganfood ♬ original sound - mi_playground



@mi_playground Mussell Beach Bay City State Park #baycity #miplayground #michigansummer #michigantravel ♬ original sound - mi_playground


Check out a few of the photos we were able to capture!

Birding in Michigan

Bay City State Park Birding

Birding in Michigan

baby ducks with mama

whitetail deer in Michigan

Now that you have an idea how this all works, lets rapid fire a few. Head to Frankenmuth and paddle the Cass River then go to Prost. Head to Midland City Forest and hike or bike then go to Midland Brewing for a beer and a gigantic pretzel. 


@mi_playground Midland Adventure Dining #miplayground #midland #midlandbrewingcompany #adventuredine #greenscreenvideo ♬ original sound - mi_playground


Next up on this Adventure Dining experience, we head to Midland to paddle around the Tridge. The Tridge is a unique 3-part bridge that goes over the intersection of the Tittabawassee River and the Chippewa River. We paddled along both Rivers and under the Tridge. A pairing that would make a lot of sense with this is 3 Bridges Distillery and Taproom but we actual revisit that later. For this one, we head to Molasses Smokehouse and Bar for dinner. It is a great setting with awesome food and drinks right near the paddle launch at the Tridge. 


@mi_playground Paddle the Chippewa River by Midlands famous Tridge before heading to Molasses for tacos #miplayground #midland ♬ original sound - mi_playground


@mi_playground Molasses in Midland has a fantastic menu #michigantravel #miplayground #midland #michiganfoodie ♬ original sound - mi_playground


Our Last pairing for this episode of Adventure Dining led us to the Chippewa Banks Disc Golf Course, which you can probably guess, is along the banks of the Chippewa River. We enjoy disc golf because we like yard games and hiking and it is a kind of a combination of the two. It is also a good way to get outside and have fun with minimal investment of a few discs to get started. After our round we head downtown Midland to the The Commons refreshment area. There are a variety of participating bars and restaurants, so we grabbed a beer from 3 Bridges and hung out downtown. 

So there it is, Adventure Dining. You can choose your own pairing, follow ours, or give us a recommendation!

Check out the full video!

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