Adventure Dining in Jackson, Michigan

Let's go Adventure Dining in and around Jackson, Michigan. If you are new to our Adventure Dining, here is how it works. We go out and do something fun and then find something great to eat that we feels pairs well. 

For this edition of Adventure Dining, we started about 13 miles away from downtown Jackson and made our way to the city. Our starting point was a paddle on Clark Lake. The lake was calm and the temperature was perfect be out on the water and go for a swim. We even brought a fishing rod and were able to catch a few rock bass from our boards. After a good paddle it was time to pair the adventure with the dining and it made so much sense to go to the Beach Bar. This place put out great vibes for a restaurant at the lake. They have a massive patio for live music and hanging out. We were told we had to try the tomato soup, so we did and it was delicious. We always love taking a recommendation on food!

Fishing on Clark Lake

Beach Bar Clark Lake

Beach Bar Clark Lake

The next spot we stopped was Vandercook Lake. This is a fun area because not only is there the main lake, you can get to a few different lakes and the Grand River right from here. There is also a cool part to point out. This lake has a place called Quiet World Sports that rents kayaks and paddleboards. Not only is it nice to have the option, the prices for renting and getting out on the water are great. For this paddle, we decided to also use a kayak from Quiet World Sports. 

Quiet World Sports

Quiet World Sports

Vandercook Lake

Our dining pairing for this was West Texas BBQ Co. We were told to be prepared to have a new favorite bbq place. The look as we pulled up had us feeling really confident we were about to have some good bbq and we were right! We went with brisket, pulled pork, beans and mac n cheese. The overall experience at West Texas BBQ was great!

Next up we were in downtown Jackson to check out all of the new murals that were part of the Bright Walls finale. Bright Walls has transformed downtown Jackson into a gigantic art collection with amazing murals from talented artists from all over the world. It is truly a unique collection of art that must be experienced in person. Our recommendation is to grab a coffee, ice cream or a beverage from a participating Downtown Jackson Social District and walk around and check it all out. There are maps all over to show you were to go but they are everywhere so you cant miss them! It is also a great place for selfies!

Bright Walls

Our Adventure Dining in Jackson was a success! Check out the full video! 

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