Adventure Dining in Marquette

Marquette Michigan has endless adventures but did you know they also have a great food and beverage scene? For this visit, we decided to pair our activities with food and drinks that we thought fit well together! A simple one to to start to help you understand the idea is paddling around the Lower Harbor Ore Dock then going to Ore Dock Brewing. 

Marquette Lower Harbor

The first pairing is Biking and Beverages. We head west to Ishpeming to get a coffee at Velodrome. Just as a heads up, they also have a Marquette location. The shop has a biking theme and we enjoyed a pour over coffee before heading to the R.A.M.B.A. bike trails, which stands for Range Area Mountain Biking Association. This time we rode the Malton Loop. There are advanced and easier sections in the area for all types of riders. To follow up our ride, we stopped in Negaunee at Upper Peninsula Brewing Company for a beer flight.  

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Next up, we were downtown for Marquette for Past and Present. This started off with a stop at 231 West for coffee and pastries. As a fun side note, Nick had some experience as a baker while in college! We then made our way to the Marquette Maritime Museum and the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse. The museum is full of Marquette and Great Lakes maritime history and artifacts, including a working periscope that overlooks Lake Superior and the lighthouse. We then stepped outside to see the current ore dock in action with a freighter heading out. 

Our day ended with dinner at Iron Bay Restaurant and Drinkery. Drinkery is a fun word by the way. We went with the whitefish tacos, the smashburger and whitefish soup while enjoying the ore dock views from the patio. Both fish tacos and smashburgers are currently go-to items for us.  

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Now our last pairing is called Walk Up Service. This one starts with a food truck and there are some great options in Marquette. This time we went with Ultimate Sandwich Co and their Nashville hot chicken sandwich. After eating, we played a round of disc golf at Power Mill Disc Golf Course, which has an amazing setting along the Dead River. This day ended with a visit to the newly expanded Blackrocks Brewing. Blackrocks has a must-see patio that sets a great vibe.  

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This visit to Marquette only just begins to scratch the surface on the potential food and activity pairings. There are so many more restaurants, breweries, coffee shops and more to pair with our next adventure.

Here are a few links that can help in your planning!

Marquette Restaurants 

Marquette Breweries

Marquette Coffee Shops

You can see our full Adventure Dining video below!

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