An Ode to Michigan Summers

Well, here we are. The unofficial, official start of summer is this weekend. There is something special about a Michigan summer. A Michigan summer is an experience that can only be enjoyed by being present. 

We spend a lot of time exploring our favorite spots and discovering new areas we have never been. Whether we are out paddleboarding, out on the boat, exploring in the woods or sitting on our favorite brewery's patio, we always find a way to enjoy mi playground.

So, here is what we are working with this summer. Two peninsulas, 4 great lakes, 101 state parks, 3,288 miles of shoreline, recreation areas covering over 285,000 acres. There are plenty of ways to waste a summer but we can't think of a good one. Where will your summer bring you?

Check out our Ode to Michigan Summers! 

The music is by Michigan native, Rezi



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