Fall Adventures in Marquette

This summer we were in Marquette to tackle the Marquette Ultimate Bucket List. While we got a lot done, we returned to Marquette for fall-specific tasks, visited some of our favorite spots and checked out some of the local breweries. 

A fall activity on the bucket list was to check out fall foliage at the CR-510 Bridge. As we arrived, we knew it was going to be amazing! The colors were looking great so we decided to take it to the next level and paddle down the Dead River and go under the historic CR-510 Bridge. These were the best colors during our time in Marquette so there is a reason that this is a fall-specific task on bucket list. 

Paddle North

We also made the trip back to the top of Sugarloaf to see the changes between the seasons. The top of Sugarloaf is a great spot for photos so we found a spot to hang out and get some shots. While we were there, we could tell that the water on Lake Superior looked calm so we decided to head out to Little Presque Isle. 


We took our paddleboards out to Little Presque Isle and paddled around the rugged landscape, making stops along the way to relax while having the entire place to ourselves. We then took a hike to the top and was spooked by a Bald Eagle. Check it out!



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Little Presque Isle

During our time in Marquette we made stops at multiple breweries in the area while also grabbing food from food trucks, which was on the bucket list. We had perfect fall weather for enjoying outdoor patios. To go along with breweries and food trucks, we also made sure to fill up on local coffee, a favorite activity of ours everywhere we go.



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To cross a few more tasks off the bucket list, we went our for a hike on the Iron Ore Heritage Trail. This is a great thing to do during any season but the fall colors made it great. We also stopped by the Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame, which has the coolest design of a building with the roof representing a ski jump before continuing on a fall color cruise west. 

The Marquette Ultimate Bucket List has been a lot of fun. There are a few more winter specific tasks left that we will attempt this upcoming winter, including fat biking. One more thing, we are also still searching for an albino deer!

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