Ferris Coffee Test Flight

Coffee. It fuels our day. But to us, coffee is more than just fuel. We enjoy good coffee, a lot. We recently visited our friends from Ferris Coffee at their coffee lab to do a flight of coffee in the latest Test Flight. 

Our flight consisted of 6 coffees of different varieties and came with a lot of coffee knowledge being dropped! 

Here is the flight list and tasting notes of the coffees according to Ferris Coffee.

1. Costa Rica Montanas-del-Diamante: Honey-nut sweetness, grape-like acidity

2. West Coast: Semi-sweet Chocolate, Peanut, Creamy Body

3. Columbia French Roast: Dark Chocolate Caramels, Oak Cask

4. Brazil Primavera: Nougat, Lemon, Sweet

5. Ethiopia Misty Valley: Mixed Berry Jam, Milk Chocolate, Citrus

6. Kenya Thirikwa: Red Currant, Rhubarb, Sweet Tomato, Caramel

These options were awesome but the thing with Flight Test is that we have to select our favorite. Check out the video to see which one we each picked!

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite style of coffee? 


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