8 Spots to Get Incredible Views of the Mackinac Bridge

We are often asked about where are good spots to get views of the Mackinac Bridge. There is no single answer to that, so we are going to share some of our favorite spots. 

There is one area you can go that will give you 4 different views of the bridge from one general area and that is at Straits State Park. There are three viewing area and then the view from the beach. Let's start with the shot that we are asked about most often and that is the one directly down the center of the bridge. This lookout has a platform and is near the upper campground at the park. You can park at the few parking spots right at the entrance and take the short walk west to get to the trail. There is then a short trail that will get you to the lookout and here is the view you will find.

Mackinac Bridge View Straits State Park

We enjoy walking through the trails at Straits State Park, so we recommend heading through the trails to get to two of the view areas that are pretty close to each other. These are located near the picnic area. If you are taking the hiking trails, you will come to the base of a staircase that will bring you to these viewing areas.

Mackinac Bridge Viewing Area

Mackinac Bridge Fog

The last spot inside of Straits State Park is the one from the beach and this one really rounds out all of the different views of the bridge from this one location. These are all great spots during all seasons but during the time of year that the campgrounds are closed, there are a few spots to park and hike or snowshoe from the main entrance. 

Mackinac Bridge

Next up is from the other side of I-75 and the name speaks for itself. This spot is called Bridge View Park. We have made the recommendation to go get take out from somewhere like Clyde's or a pasty shop and head down to Bridge View Park.

Bridge View Park


@mi_playground Burger with a view. Clyde’s Drive-In and the Mackinac Bridge. #stignace #bucketlist #foodtok #burger ♬ original sound - mi_playground


This next spot came as a surprise for us and it is from the zip lines at The Mystery Spot. First off, go do the tour at the Mystery Spot but then go do the zip lines. They have a viewing platform with great views of the Mackinac Bridge.

Mystery Spot Zip Lines


@mi_playground You need to take a zipline to get this view of the Mackinac Bridge. #mackinacbridge #mysteryspot #stignace #upperpeninsula ♬ original sound - mi_playground


The next two ways to get amazing views of the bridge take a bit of help from businesses in St. Ignace. The first one is taking a Mighty Mac departure with Shepler's Ferry. Head to Shepler's in St. Ignace and choose a time to make the trip to Mackinac Island that includes the Mighty Mac Departure. These are typically the departures that happen during the first half of the day.

Mighty Mac Departure

The last way to view the Mackinac Bridge, and the newest way that we did it, is from a helicopter! We took a tour over the area with MyFlight Tours and part of the tour goes right over the bridge for an amazing view that you can only get from the sky!

aerial view of Mackinac Bridge


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