Kickin' MI Bucket!

It is officially fall and we have made our fall “Kickin’ MI Bucket” list. The change in season adds an entire new list of activities we are looking to do! There is always a different feel when the weather starts to cool and there is a transition time that can lead to some of the best experiences Michigan has to offer. Our goal is to accomplish everything on this list! Not only are we looking to accomplish our list, it would be great to see what you can cross off the list as well! Use #kickinMIbucket to share your experiences and we will be doing the same!

So, here’s to Kickin’ MI Bucket!

  1. Take a road trip
  2. Swim in a Great Lake
  3. Cross the Mackinac Bridge
  4. Paddle 5 different bodies of water
  5. Have a bonfire
  6. Go to an Apple Orchard
  7. Go through a corn maze
  8. Have 5 Harvest beers or Pumpkin beers from Michigan breweries
  9. Attend a fall festival
  10. Drink cider
  11. Go to the beach
  12. Go surfing
  13. Go to a high school football game
  14. Dress up for Halloween
  15. Fall Color hike Lake Michigan
  16. Fall color hike Lake Superior
  17. Carve a pumpkin
  18. Take in the colors from a hammock
  19. Skateboard down a fall color road
  20. Visit a lighthouse in fall colors
  21. Stop at a scenic overlook
  22. Visit a waterfall
  23. Go on a fall boat ride
  24. Go tailgating
  25. Experience a first snowfall
  26. Document it all and share with you! Follow along on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube!
Michigan Fall Bucket List

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