Looking Back on 2019

2019 was a great year full of amazing adventures. Thank you to everyone who followed along! As we look back on the year, we want to share 5 highlights from 2019 that really stood out for us. 

5. During our fall bucket list, we spent a day in Grand Haven that involved surfing, longboarding and hammocking. These three activities may seem like things people would typically do during warmer weather, but we had an amazing time this day!

4. Hiking to Old Baldy Dune was a highlight as it was the first time Nick had visited this spot. Andy even taught Nick how to make an acorn whistle, which is a handy tip while out in the woods.

3. We went to hang out with our friends from Ferris Coffee for a Flight Test and and to gain some knowledge on coffee. We had a lot of fun and left very caffeinated.

2. On Black Friday, we decided to make a trip to Tahquamenon Falls after a big snowfall. It was an experience that is hard to show in videos or photos!

1. Number one on our list was an awesome fall road trip starting in Sault Ste. Marie, out to Brimley, to Tahquamenon Falls, out to Whitefish Point and back to the Soo for sunset. This was an epic trip and one you should considering doing yourself!

During 2019 we also launched a few new series. One of these series is Paddle Here. As you may know, we really enjoy paddleboarding and are often asked where some of our favorite places are to paddle. That led to us creating this series with more new episodes to come in 2020. Check out this episode where we discuss Little Presque Isle in Marquette.

Our seasonal bucket lists also started in fall of 2019. The Kickin' MI Bucket series consists of us creating a list of tasks to accomplish each season. Here is our recap from our fall bucket list!

As we head into 2020, we look forward to bringing you more of our adventures throughout Michigan! Feel free to follow along on all of our social media channels! 

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Cheers to 2020! It is going to be a great year!

Andy and Nick

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