Road Trips from MI Backyard

Here we are, it is spring time in Michigan and we are all at home. To help everyone get through the next 3 weeks, we have launched a new series, "Road Trips from MI Backyard." During this series, we will be bringing you on virtual adventures throughout Michigan and hopefully bring you entertainment and inspiration for future Michigan road trips. 

During this time, we want to hear from you! As we release a new video, share photos or videos on Instagram with the hashtag #mibackyard and #miplayground. On Facebook, leave a photo in the comments or advice from your past experiences in that area. We will also be utilizing Twitter and TikTok for this series as well, so follow along!

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First up on Road Trips from MI Backyard is Marquette. Marquette offers an amazing outdoor recreation scene along with great breweries, coffee shops and restaurants. We hope you enjoy the series and please share with your friends!


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