Salmon Fishing and Catch & Cook in Ludington, Michigan

10 salmon on, 10 salmon in the boat. That is how our day went salmon fishing in Ludington. Now, let's get into the details.

We heard the fishing was hot in Ludington so we started our planning, got our group together and went out with Captain Adam from Reel 2 Reel Outdoors. We arrived at the dock early in the morning ready to go. Based on the time of year, we didn't have to go far as the salmon were right outside of the North Breakwater Light area and beginning to make their way into Pere Marquette Lake to head up the river. 

With it still be dark out, Captain Adam showed us the glow spoons that we would be using to help catch fish in the dark and as soon as we started, we had our first fish on! There was a lot of excitement on the boat as the first salmon landed. It was just moment later when the next fish was on and from then on the boat was busy all morning! We even had multiple times when there were two salmon on at the same time which made for a lot of fun! As the sun came up, the fishing continued with more success!


@mi_playground The Salmon are in Ludington Michigan this fall. We caught 10 beautiful salmon! #miplayground #ludington #lakemichigan ♬ original sound - mi_playground


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Salmon in Ludington

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Lake Michigan salmon fishing

During our time out on the water, Captain Adam was sharing some great information on why fishing is so good in the Ludington area. One interesting point is that a large majority of the king salmon caught in Ludington are natural fish because king salmon are not planted in the Pere Marquette River. To him, that is one of the many reasons why Ludington is a great fishing port. 

After having so much success, Captain Adam gave us a awesome idea for what to do after we were done and that was to bring the catch to Jamesport Brewing Company to have them prepare the fish for us! Jamesport participates in what is called the Catch & Cook program. This program partners charter boats and local restaurants to be able to have guests of the charter add to their experience after being done on the water. This was an unexpected bonus on the day and we were so happy we were able to do it!


@mi_playground Michigan’s catch and cook program pairs charter fisherman and local restaurants together for a unique eating experience. Its a great way to connect with our food and the community #catchandcook #miplayground #ludingtonmichigan ♬ original sound - mi_playground


Downtown Ludington

Overall, if you are interested in salmon fishing, Ludington is a great spot to go! We had an amazing experience with Captain Adam and Reel 2 Reel Outdoors and also at Jamesport Brewing Company. Check out Reel 2 Reel Outdoors on YouTube for all things fishing in the Ludington area!

Check out our full video from our experience below!

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