Sault Ste. Marie Fall Road Trip

When the colors start to change in Michigan, a road trip is the perfect way to experience a fall adventure. We were recently in Sault Ste. Marie and decided to take a day trip like we never have before in that area. While we were growing up in Sault Ste. Marie, we visited many of the areas attractions at different times but never took it all in like this. 

We set out from the Soo on a mission to hit as many epic fall spots as possible before returning to the St. Mary's River to catch the sunset.
Soo Road Trip

1. We started off in Sault Ste. Marie and grabbed some coffee at Birds Eye Outfitters and checked out the Locks. If you have never been to the Locks and watched how amazing they are, you should add it to your list of things to do. When you watch the freighters go up or down depending on their direction, you are bound to be amazed!

Soo Locks

2. After heading out of the Soo, we stopped at Brimley State Park. The weather was perfect and the sky was looking great. This spot has some special memories as the first place we ever tried surfing. 

Brimley State Park

3. Next up was a stop at Mission Hill. We spent a lot of time in this area growing up, especially on Monocle Lake. When we were at the Mission Hill  overlook a group of three (mother, daughter granddaughter) were trying to recreate an old family photo. After helping out, they taught us a lesson and we learned the reason why the two lakes are called "Monocle" and "Spectacle" is because of their shapes. History lesson in an unexpected place!

Mission Hill Brimley

4. Right down the road is Point Iroquois Lighthouse. It is worth the time to climb the spiral staircase to the top of the 65 foot lighthouse and take in the views. We were lucky enough to see a ship going by from the top! The boardwalks around the property down to the water also give some great views of the lake and back at the lighthouse.

point iroquois lighthouse

5. For a change in scenery, we stopped at Big Pine Picnic Area along the Lake Superior shore. Don't let the title "picnic area" scare you away. This place is awesome! We set up hammocks and relaxed for a few minutes while taking in the views.

Big Pine Picnic Area

6. Next up, we headed to Tahquamenon Falls. We started at the Lower Falls. It seems like many photos and videos out there feature the larger, Upper Falls. We had a great time at the lower falls when we rented a row boat to go to the island in the falls. This is a must-do experience in our books! After exploring in the boat for a while, we set foot on the island for some of the best views of the area!

Tahquamenon Falls Lower Falls

7. A short drive down the road is Upper Falls. You may be more familiar with the Upper Falls than the Lower Falls based on the size and popularity. As you walk down the trail you can hear the power of the falls from very far back. The water was moving fast the day we visited based on recent heavy rains. We had a great conversation with a couple visiting for the first time from Texas who were amazed by the sights they were taking in and we helped them get a photo to capture the memory. 

Tahquemenon Falls

8. It was time for some food! We headed into Tahquamenon Fall Brewery, which is located right at Upper Falls. We did a test flight and ate pasties. With a full stomach we were ready to continue our day.

tahquamenon falls brewery

9. Next we reached the end point of our road trip, the Whitefish Point Lighthouse and Shipwreck Museum. The amazing part about this lighthouse is that it was first lit in 1849 and is the oldest active light on Lake Superior. 

Whitefish Point Ariel

10. We knew that if we got on the road, we could get back to the Soo to head out on the St. Mary's River to catch the sunset. We made it just in time!

St. Mary's River

Check out our video from the day!

Overall, this was an awesome day and one that we recommend trying to accomplish yourselves. Please let us know if you have any questions on the trip. 

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