Scene Leapers Volume 2

What did we do when we realized that we just accidentally won an online auction for four animal mascot heads?

1. We had to laugh. We were now the owner of a Pirate Llama, a Disco Cat, a DJ Dog and an Alien

2. We had to decide what we were going to do with your recently acquired prized possessions. 

Last summer we had a lot of fun and voting from our viewers with our video, Scene Leapers. This led to Scene Leapers Volume 2. To start, we each were randomly assigned one of the heads. Nick as the Disco Cat, Andy as the DJ Dog, CoolDadJB as the Pirate Llama and Travis as the Alien. To complete the costume for this competition, we had 10 minutes inside of a thrift store to find the perfect gear to pair with our recently assigned animal head. It wasn't easy but we made it happen and we were back and ready for the competition. 

The competition was simple and consisted of one recorded jump into the water. We had to give it our best shot and put it all out there. The outcome is below! Vote for your favorite Scene Leaper and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more of our adventures!

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