Silver Lake Sand Dunes: Choose Your Own Adventure

It is easy to think about the Off-Road Vehicle area when talking about Silver Lake Sand Dunes. It is an amazing and unique experience, and yes, we went out in the ORV area during our recent visit but our adventure didn't end there! This place is full of adventure and good times. Let's go!

We will start with the ORV area. We do not actually have our own off road vehicles that would be good to take out on the dunes, and that is ok! There are a variety of ways to get out on the dunes with rental companies in the area. In our case this time we went out with our friends Will and Drew, also known as the Bucket Bros. They are from the area and are great drivers out on the dunes. The experience at the ORV area is like nothing else around. Another option for getting out on the dunes is Mac Woods Dune Rides

Silver Lake Sand Dunes

We mentioned that there are a lot of options in the area so we went from the dunes onto the water to go paddleboarding. This time we went to Hart Lake. We have also been paddling on Silver Lake, which offers great views of the dunes as a backdrop. During our paddle on Hart Lake, we encountered something we have never seen before and that was a fish that was stuck in some branches under the water. After a quick rescue mission we were able to free the pike and send it on its way. We were at the right place at the right time! After the paddle we decided to head to Big Hart Brewing for a beer and nachos. 

Hart Lake

Big Hart Brewing

Next up, we went back to the dunes. This time to the pedestrian area. This area is right next to the ORV area and gives the ability to walk the dunes all the way out to Lake Michigan. This is a must-do for the unique experience! The look of the dunes is absolutely amazing and the ever changing landscape makes each visit unique. We did make the walk all the way out to Lake Michigan, which if you plan a few hours has an amazing payoff at the end. During hot days, dress for the conditions and bring water!

Silver Lake Sand Dunes Pedestrian Area

Silver Lake Pedestrian Area

One more main attraction was on the agenda and that was to visit the Little Sable Lighthouse. Not only is this lighthouse visually appealing, it also offers a great spot for a day at the beach. We had a little bit of fun with a friendly 15 Minute Photo Contest! We each picked one of our favorite photos and they are below. Which one is the winner?

Photo 1
Little Sable Lighthouse
Photo 2
Little Sable Point Lighthouse

We ended our trip with a stop at the Bucket Bar for garlic bites and pizza. They are so good and always something we get when we are in the area. Take that as a recommendation from us!
Golden Sands Bucket Bar
Overall we had an amazing time at Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Check out our full video from our adventures here!


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