Some Good, Homemade Michigan Fun

Waking up to a forecast of 80 degrees and sunny in the UP is the sign of a perfect day ahead. There are so many options on how to take advantage of the day. A typical day involves paddle boarding, wakeboarding, boating, tubing, fishing and pontoon rides. While all of that is great, we had a different plan in mind for this day.

A homemade slip-n-slide sounded like the right idea.

Step 1- Get supplies at hardware store (not enough on first trip)

Step 2- Determine you want the slip-n-slide to launch us into the water

Step 3- Figure out how to launch into water by building a shaky ramp

So, on attempt one, we ran with a boogie board, jumped, slid, and landed in the water. Not as exciting as we were hoping. That led to the instant decision that we needed a longer slide. Back to the store we went. Also, at this time we decided to use a skim boarding bungee to give us the speed and thrill we were looking for. This is where things got fun.

We kept grabbing different water items to ride. Tubes, wake skates, knee boards and rafts. The lighter the person, the further they went. One of the best videos of the day is located in the link below.

Sitting on items could only satisfy for so long. Next up, standing on a wake skate. Much sketchier and room for error. After some great crashes, there were some attempts that were successful. If you are having a hard time understanding the first photo below, that is from a chest mounted GoPro. The upside down people and flagpole on the ground. Head and hair at the top of the photo and feet at the bottom. All sorts of body contortion here.


wake skate

Overall, it was a fun day and a new way to enjoy the water. We walked away with some bumps and bruises, but no real injuries. Stay tuned for an upcoming video which features more footage from the day.

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