Summer Adventure Dining in Mt. Pleasant

Let's go Adventure Dining in Mount Pleasant, Michigan! Adventure Dining consists of doing something fun outdoors and pairing it with food and beverage. 

In this edition of Adventure Dining we are visiting three of the nature preserves around Mt. Pleasant that are part of the Chippewa Watershed Conservancy. Overall the conservancy has 25 nature preserves in the area so you can go to the same ones as us or choose your own adventure!

We started off by grabbing coffee at Pleasant City Coffee. This is located in downtown Mt. Pleasant and has good beverage options and a great back patio area. After hanging out on the patio, we took the remainder of our coffees with us to our first pairing and that was Bundy Hill Nature Preserve. This 100 acre preserve has hiking trails that lead to the highest point in Isabella County. The hiking trails offer a few options to complete a good loop trail through the forest. As we enjoyed this hike in the summer, it would also be a great spot to check out to see the fall colors.


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Our next pairing started with a visit to the Sylvan Solace Nature Preserve. Part of the trail runs along side of the Chippewa River which makes this a great spot for a hike. While we were here we were hearing and seeing a lot of birds and this is when we downloaded the Merlin Bird ID app. This app listens in real-time to the birds around you and tells you what bird it is. We had a ton of fun with this throughout the trail. After our hike we headed to Wood Shop Social for some great food including their Japanese fried chicken and a smashburger. When a smashburger is on the menu, it is most likely being ordered!


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@mi_playground Hiking at Sylvan Solace nature preserve and food from Wood Shop Social in Mt. Pleasant. #mtpleasant #centralmichigan #adventuredining ♬ original sound - mi_playground


The final pairing included a stop at Hunter's Ale House with a hike at Audubon Woods Nature Preserve. We continued having fun with the bird ID app and even heard an Acadian Flycatcher, which is said to be a great place in the area for these birds. At Hunter's Ale House we went with wings, a charcuterie board and a beer brewed on-site. 


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One thing that we touched on that fit well during our visits to the three nature preserves is something called nature bathing. Check it out!


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That stop concluded our summer edition of Adventure Dining in Mt. Pleasant. You can learn more about the Chippewa Watershed Conservancy and their nature preserves here

To check out our full Adventure Dining Experience, check out the video!


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