Summer Days in Kalamazoo

It's July in Michigan. Its time for lake days, patio beverages and baseball games. We decided to start our recent visit to the Kalamazoo area with a day on a pontoon boat on Gull Lake. This was our first time on Gull Lake, which is located under 15 miles from downtown Kalamazoo and is an amazing inland Michigan lake!

We don't currently have our own pontoon boat, but that doesn't matter because Gull Lake Marine has some great boats available to rent. We figured that since we were spending a day on the lake we would bring a bigger crew with us to enjoy the day. When we arrived at Gull Lake Marine the boat was ready to go so we loaded up and headed out to explore the 2,000+ acre lake. One thing that stood out right away was the water color, which is absolutely amazing! We started off cruising around and taking a swim in the middle of the lake before heading to the sand bar, which was a favorite spot for us. 



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Gull Lake

One thing that we also decided to do was to go tubing. We grew up tubing all of the time and Nick was determined to do a barrel roll to prove to himself that he could still do it. It was a success!



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Next up for us was going to Fort Custer State Recreation Area. We decided to go to Eagle Lake to go for a paddle. A cool part about Eagle Lake is that there are no homes on this lake so the entire time we were surrounded by nature. We saw a bunch of different fish. That is one reason we love paddleboarding! We also made sure to relax and take a swim. After paddling we checked out a few of the trails in the area. There are may great hiking opportunities here to go along with three lakes to choose from. 


One thing we wanted to do in Kalamazoo was to go downtown to check out a few places we have never been and enjoy a drink on a patio and in the Central Commons Refreshment Area, where you can grab a drink to go walk around downtown. We started by grabbing a coffee and a drink at The Stamped Robin followed by sitting on the patio at Principle.

The Stamped Robin

After spending a few hours downtown it was time to head to a Growlers baseball game. We knew we would be getting some great ballpark food and it didn't disappoint! There was a lot of action at the stadium beyond the baseball game itself. It was a great way to finish a summer night in Kalamazoo. 

Kalamazoo Growlers

Kalamazoo Growlers

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