The 15 Minute Photo Contest

What is a 15 minute photo contest? Well, let us tell you how it came about. We were heading downtown Grand Rapids to Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters and Nick had an idea based on our unique surroundings that we should have a contest to see who could capture the best photo in 15 minutes. The winner of the contest would get a free coffee. Sounds easy enough, right?

So it started. We each took off in different directions seeking the best views and most unique spots. Time was flying by and each of us had different strategies. Before we knew it, time was up. We regrouped and all felt good about what we were able to get in such a short time while running around a large area. 

As we were having our coffee, which is the reason we were in the area in the first place, we each decided which of our own photos were our top three. We submitted our photos and were joined by a few others for the voting. After it was all said and done, we had a winner. 

So, we ask you, what are you doing this weekend? Are you going hiking? Heading to a ski hill? Going into a city? We want to see your own version of The 15 Minute Photo Contest! We know that no matter what you have planned this weekend in Michigan you will be somewhere that you can make this happen. 

Here is how it works. Get a few people or up to a large group. Whatever you have in your plans, add The 15 Minute Photo Contest to your day. Capture your best photos in the 15 minute window and show your top photos to your group and vote on which you think is best. We made it that you couldn't vote for your own but we will leave the details up to yourself. Pick a winner and have fun. It will be a great addition to your weekend. 

Next, we want to hear from you and feature photos from your contest on Instagram, Facebook and in an upcoming blog post. When you are done, you can email us at and tell us about your contest and include your top photos with your social media handles and where your contest took place. We will then select some winners and send out mi playground goods! The deadline for entry is Monday, February 5.

The categories for winnings prizes: Best overall photo submitted as voted on by the mi playground team and best team performance for our favorite location with the best collection of photos. 

Let us know if you have any questions and check out the video below to see how we did it. We cant wait to see what you come up with.


The Winner by CooldadJB

The Contenders

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