The Beauty of Tahquamenon Falls After a Snowfall

Have you ever witnessed the amazing beauty of Tahquameon Falls after a fresh snowfall? Yes, the falls are great anytime but snow on the trees and ice formations bring the experience to another level. We recently visited both the Upper Falls and Lower Falls the day after a few inches of fresh snow transformed the landscape. 

Tahquamenon Falls Winter

We started out by heading to the Upper Falls first. This area is plowed and maintained by the park staff and is fairly accessible unless there is actively a snowstorm. On this day, the paths were cleared after a night of snow. We made our way to the main viewing platform right next to the Upper Falls. This is the most iconic spot at Tahquamenon Falls where you can get close to the 48 foot tall and 200 foot wide waterfall. There are 94 steps to get down to this platform so plan accordingly. 

Tahquamenon Falls viewing platform

After spending time on the platform, be sure to check out the other viewing areas along the path. You can also do this first on your way to the main platform. Each of these viewing areas offer a unique perspective of the Upper Falls and it is also fun to see the difference from season to season. 

Tahquamenon Falls Winter

A can't miss part of the Upper Falls is heading to the brewery. With some Tahquamenon Falls themed brews and good food, it is a great stop before checking out the Lower Falls. 

Tahquamenon Falls brewery

As you now know, we started our recent visit at the Upper Falls but you could just as easily start at the Lower Falls. There are a few things to know about the Lower Falls during winter. You can't drive all the way down to the main parking lot like you can in other seasons so you are going to have a couple mile hike to get to the Lower Falls. On most days, a pair of snowshoes will be key to this experience. 

snowshoeing in the upper peninsula

The Lower Falls are truly a place for exploration. There are more, smaller waterfalls with awesome trails and views. Something new is the bridge over to the island. In other seasons, rowboats are available to get to the island but in winter getting to the island wasn't an option. The bridge leads to an entire new winter experience. 

Tahquamenon Falls Bridge

Lower Tahquamenon Falls

Overall, if you can manage to plan your visit right after some fresh snow, do it! If you want to do the Upper Falls and Lower Falls, plan on spending the entire day at the park. 

Check out our video featuring Tahquamenon Falls after a fresh snowfall

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