The Many Views of the Mackinac Bridge

The Mackinac Bridge is one of, in not the most, iconic features in Michigan. We have traveled across it many more times than we could ever count. In our recent visit to St. Ignace, we decided to take in the views from a couple of new ways. 

It started with the right conditions to go paddle in the Straits of Mackinac. We geared up and headed out and we able to paddle under the Mackinac Bridge. This has been on our bucket list and was as awesome as we had hoped. We spent more time paddling in the area and enjoying the scenery. 

Paddling the Mackinac Bridge

Paddle North

After paddling, we headed to the overlook points inside of Straits State Park. In the park there are multiple areas with great views of the bridge. We went to three different locations to get unique shots with the fog rolling in. Our favorite spot has to be the one that looks directly down the center of the bridge!

Mackinac Bridge View

Mackinac Bridge
The third way we viewed the bridge was a special one! We decided to head to Great Lakes Air to take an airplane tour of St. Ignace and all throughout the Straits of Mackinac. This was our first time ever seeing the bridge from the perspective and is something that Great Lakes Air offers as a tour. The water color from above is absolutely stunning and we were lucky enough to have a freighter passing under the bridge as we flew by. 

Mackinac Bridge Ariel view

Flying over Mackinac Bridge

The easiest and most obvious way to view the bridge is to drive over it! There are also other great ways as well including Bridge View Park in St. Ignace. The name of that park says it all. If you are looking to head to Mackinac Island you can also take a Mighty Mac departure with Shepler's Ferry that will bring you under the bridge on the way to the island and is a great way way to see the bridge and learn some history along the way. 

Check out our latest video that shows our recent adventures in St. Ignace, including paddling the bridge and the plane ride! We added in some great stops for food and hiking along the way! 



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