Top 10 Photos from Winter In Ironwood

Having visited Ironwood in the summer and fall, we knew that winter would be a great time to get out and re-visit some of our favorite areas from other seasons while doing winter specific activities. We built a list of 5 winter adventure objectives that we planned to do while in the area and you can see our full video below. Along the adventure there were many amazing opportunities for photos and we are sharing our 10 favorite photos from winter in Ironwood. 

We start off at a place that we have come to love and that is Black River Harbor. It was so peaceful and the views we amazing. First we headed out across the bridge over the Black River. This spot offers great photo opportunities so lets start here!

Black River Harbor Bridge

This bridge leads to a few different places so we went out to the beach before taking the trail to Rainbow Falls. 

Lake Superior in winter

 Black River Harbor in Winter

After leaving the beach area we made our way to the trail to Rainbow Falls. There are two ways to view Rainbow Falls. One way is from the viewing platform along the stopping points for all of the falls on the way out to Black River Harbor. The second is a more adventurous route and offers a great hiking or snowshoeing trail with amazing views and some unique scenery, like this tree!

Spiral Tree 

Here is the view when you make it to Rainbow Falls!

Winter Rainbow Falls

There are 5 waterfalls along this stretch of the Black River and we are fans of Sandstone Falls. They are not the biggest falls along the river but bigger doesn't always mean better!

Winter Sandstone Falls

Looking down the Black River with snow covered tree branches and evergreens. 

Black River

Beyond the great hiking and snowshoeing, we also went snowboarding at Indianhead Mountain and this is our favorite photo from our time snowboarding. 

Indianhead Mountain

There are many great spots in the Ironwood area to snowshoe and fat bike so made sure to check them out as well!

 Ironwood Snowshoeing Trails

 Ironwood Fat Biking

One more bonus photo! We made sure to stop at Cold Iron Brewing for a beer on the patio!

Cold Iron brewing

Here is the full video from our winter adventures in Ironwood!

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