Favorite Photos From Our Ironwood Adventure!

Waterfalls, trails, mountain biking, paddling and a trip to the top of Copper Peak. We didn't waste any time exploring the Ironwood area during our recent trip and today we are sharing 12 of our favorite photos from our adventures!

We spent time exploring the 5 waterfalls along the Black River. This is something that can be done in a fun filled afternoon in the area. All 5 waterfalls are within 3 miles of each other and have short hikes from the parking areas to the falls. It starts with Great Conglomerate Falls, followed by Gorge Falls, Potawatomi Falls, Sandstone Falls and finishes with Rainbow Falls. 

We checked out Presque Isle Park (more to come on this!) and Nawadaha Falls, Manido Falls and Manabezho Falls. This Park is located right on the edge of the Porcupine Mountains. A must visit!

Copper Peak was another stop during our trip. This place is amazing and is hard to even put into words! You will have to see the footage in the videos and photos! After we were at the top of Copper Peak we also went mountain biking with amazing views along the Black River. We even had an electric mountain bike from Hobby Wheel, which was a ton of fun!

We knew when we went to Black River Harbor, we had to paddle. We inflated our boards and took a paddle up the Black River and then out into Lake Superior. The highlight of this spot was floating sown the river with a Bald Eagle flying down the river overhead! 

Add in our stops downtown getting food, hitting up Contrast Coffee and Copper Cup, stopping at Stormy Kromer, checking out the views from atop Mt. Zion and it was a an amazing time in Ironwood!

So, here are the photos!

Sandstone Falls

Sandstone Falls

Black River Harbor

Golden Hour at Black River Harbor

Presque Isle Park

Lake Superior from the Presque Isle River

Manido Falls

Manido Falls

Black River Harbor Sunset

Black River Harbor Sunset

Black River Harbor

Black River Harbor Buoy

Mt Zion Ironwood

A view from Mt. Zion

Black River Harbor

Black River and Lake Superior  

On Top of Copper Peak

A view from Copper Peak

Ironwood Mountain Biking

Biking Views

Copper Peak from the Top

Looking through the grates at Copper Peak

Black River Paddleboarding

Paddling the Black River

Overall, we had an amazing trip to Ironwood, check out our full video!

To find out more about these spots, check out the links for more information.

Things to do in Ironwood

Copper Peak



Isn’t it cool to look down through those grates? Grew up there and been to the top of Copper Peak several times. Always enjoy going back home to visit and enjoy the beauty of the UP.


Very cool video! Always welcome here.

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